Red Line Event

Incentive, Outdoor and Event Incoming Agency

for Mallorca and the Canary Islands

Since 1997, we have been organizing incentives, congresses, seminars, teambuilding, sporting events, photo shoots, meetings, meetings, and gala events in Mallorca; since 2010 in the Canary Islands.

As an incoming agency, we assist you with our services at congresses and conferences as a partner in full-service or partial services in an advisory and implementing manner.

Congresses, conferences, events or incentives, whatever you are planning, tell us your ideas and your wishes.
Red Line First Class Concierge allows you to enjoy your own event as a guest.

Conceptual preparation of a congress from the point of view of Red Line First Class Concierge includes the reflection of the planned process (what, when, where), the formulation of a budgetary framework and the capture of the primary objectives of the clients.

On the basis of intensive discussions with these, comparative data from both previous and comparable events, the congress is planned in terms of time and tasks. As time progresses, the plan is constantly concretised and updated.

Social Events

Welcome Reception, Get Together, social evening, lecturer’s evening or touristic accompanying program – in the context of a congress the social events offer the best opportunity for the communication and for the development and the expansion of the most different networks.

This opportunity can be used the more successfully the better the social event is tailored to the event and the participants, the more uniform solutions are avoided and the better the participants feel at the event.

We gladly accept the responsible tasks of brainstorming and planning up to implementation, so that the sociable part also contributes to the congress success!

Incoming Agency means for us the best possible on-site support – our employees have been at home in Majorca and the Canaries for many years.

As a full-service agency we accompany you from the first idea to the last analysis and guarantee each of our customers an optimal result in terms of quality, time and costs.

We offer NO standard solutions, but an efficient and powerful all-round support.

Red Line Movie

Film production and equipment rental – services related to film productions and photo shoots
Professional Film Equipment for Independent Filmmakers – Photography, Film & Television Production. Service company Camera rental, lighting technology and sound engineering.

Participate from the tax benefits in a production with a domestic company in the Canary Islands.

The Canary Islands enjoy lower taxation due to their geographical distance from the rest of Spain. To further the economic and social development of the archipelago, the islands offer a number of attractive tax benefits that are successfully applied to film productions.

With the implementation of the new Canary Islands Business and Tax Law (1), which has been in force since 1 January 2015, film productions on the Canary Islands archipelago enjoy tax advantages. This makes Tenerife one of the best places in Europe for filming, adding to the economic benefits the good climate, the natural conditions, the diversity of landscapes and a solid film sector with professional equipment and professionals, as well as the necessary experience for all needs.

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